LebNet Ignite Previous Editions

Since its inception in 2015, LebNet Ignite has organized seven editions of its program and graduated 19 startups.
You can check the list of Ignite alumni startups in our Beneficiary Startups page.

LebNet Ignite#1 

  • Powered by Blackbox Connect
  • Date: August 2015
  • Beneficiary startups: Zoomal, a crowdfunding platform in the Arab World, and Brate, an online marketplace for products, services and businesses. 

LebNet Ignite#2 

  • Powered by Blackbox Connect
  • Date: February 2016 
  • Beneficiary startups: Rational Pixels, an AI-based technology for publishers and content providers to add videos and animated visuals to their content, and NAR, a tablet-based app that enables users to capture and instantly label images on the fly. 

LebNet Ignite#3

  • Powered by Blackbox Connect
  • Date: August 2016 
  • Beneficiary startups: VisionInMotion, a B2B software solution that helps retailers understand their customers using security cameras and computer vision, Synkers, an online platform for private tutoring, and Jellyfish, a budget management platform for project teams. 

LebNet Ignite#4

  • Powered by the French Tech Hub
  • Date: May 2017 and powered
  • Beneficiary startups: Riego, a solar-powered dynamic irrigation system, Makerbrane, an online platform for 3D building, Petriotics, an online pet shop, Wango, Sqwirl; Parkr, Vbout, an automated marketing tool, and Neumann, an AI-based analytical platform. 

LebNet Ignite#5

  • Powered by Blackbox Connect
  • Date: August 2017 
  • Beneficiary startups: Cherpa, a platform to learn AI, robotics and robotics, and Neotic, an AI-based technology to analyse financial markets. 

LebNet Ignite#6

  • Powered by Blackbox Connect
  • Date: February 2018 
  • Beneficiary startups: TeensWhoCode, a coding academy for kids and teenagers, and Spike, a diabetes assistant app.