LebNet Ignite 7

LebNet Ignite#7 is powered by Draper University Hero.

Breakdown of the 5-week program:

  • Week 1: How to build a 10-year company
  • Week 2: Marketing, Sales and GTM strategy
  • Week 3: Survival week with Tim Draper. Survival training out in nature accompanied by navy seals. Team building activities and most importantly access to Tim.
  • Week 4: Legal, term sheets, immigration help, etc.
  • Week 5: Demo day + preparation
  • Week 6 – 10 (Optional): Startups have the ability to stay 4 to 5 weeks extra to finalize any pending business transactions.

The morning sessions will focus on having mentors come in and meet the startups. In the valley, it is difficult to connect directly with investors, and the network of founders/angel provided by the LebNet Ignite program is key to introduce you/vouch for you to investors.

Note: the program is tweaked for every cohort to cater to the participating startups as well as to the availability of mentors.

Who is Draper University?

Draper University is the leading program in Silicon Valley for building founders. Their innovative, immersive Residential Programs in Entrepreneurship offer: essential startup skills, exposure to industry experts, a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, & mentorship from experienced venture capitalists (VCs).

The 5-week program focuses on supporting participating startups that are looking to:

  • Fundraise from the Valley
  • Get into an accelerator in the Valley
  • Get access to clients in the Valley

Over 300 companies have graduated from Draper University and have raised more than $250 million. Draper University has also started their own fund where they put in 50 to 100K tickets that they invest in startups that go through their program.

How to Apply

In order to apply to the LebNet Ignite program, fill in the online form here. Lebnet will evaluate the applications and select a few startups for a video interview. Lebnet will then accept 2 startups into the Ignite program based on the outcome of the interview, the application, and the startups progress during acceleration.