The internships for 2021 are open to LebNet student members of Lebanese origin who are authorized to work in the US or Canada. We are also collaborating with the American University of Beirut to open a number of internship offers to students from the university, who are pre-authorized to work in the US or Canada.

Some of the opportunities will be remote and restricted to students in Lebanon and they will be clearly highlighted.

Software Engineer

Open to US students only (May-Sept 2021)


We at Turo are looking for a motivated Software Engineer Intern that will help us put the world’s 1+ billion cars to better use. As a member of the site performance team you will work on meaningful projects, building processes and tools that have an impact on the business and support the development of blazing fast and highly performant applications.

Electrical Engineer

Open to Montreal students only (Jan-April or May-Aug 2021)
Remote & on site


At SPARK Microsystems, we seek to hire individuals with diverse characteristics, backgrounds and perspectives, which contributes to the enrichment of our organization. We strongly believe that world-class talent makes no distinctions based on gender, ethnic or national origin, sexual identity and orientation, age, religion or disability.

Software Engineer 

Two internship opportunities open to US & Lebanon students (Apr-Sept or May-Sept 2021)

At Ecrio Inc, we are looking for a full-time software engineer with strong analytical and  problem-solving skills. The individual needs to have good communication skills and be  a good team player as part of a team delivering AI/ML enabled software intended to run  on end user devices. 

Electrical, Computer or Mechanical Engineer

Open to Lebanon students only for 8 weeks (Jun-Sept 2021)


At Joun Technologies, we are looking for a junior, senior or graduate student engineer (Electrical, Computer, or Mechanical Engineer) with strong research, writing and presentation development skills for a 5-week technical writing/presentation development internship. The individual needs to have excellent English communication skills and be able to work independently towards milestones for publishing a whitepaper on Digital Transformation and updating existing presentation material.

Computer Scientist

Open to US and Lebanon students (May-Sept 2021)


Datastream IT is seeking a motivated and creative computer science candidate for an IT Support Internship position. The role will include supporting our clients in many different ways, including supporting users and infrastructure.

Digital Marketing

Open to Lebanon students only (Feb-May 2021)


At GW Apps, we’re looking for an energetic and skilled person with exceptional communication skills to fill the position of Digital Marketing Specialist. This candidate will be responsible for assisting our Sales and Marketing team with all aspects of the customer acquisition activities.

Engineer/Computer Scientist

Open to Lebanon students only


BridgeAthletic is looking for an engineering intern in June 2021, with a minimum duration of 10 weeks. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we encourage you to apply as early as you can.