Outsource Lebanon

Call To Action for Lebanon

LebNet is Launching “Outsource Lebanon” to hire 100 Lebanese in 100 days.

Due to the worsening economic situation, the high unemployment rate and the business closures, many Lebanese are contemplating leaving the country to look for job opportunities abroad.  

In an effort to help retain valuable talent in Lebanon, LebNet is launching Outsource Lebanon to encourage our members in the US and Canada to keep Lebanese employed in Lebanon.

Our team has partnered with outsourcing outfits in Lebanon with experience in delivering engineering services to clients in the US and Canada so we ask you to do your part and consider outsourcing engineering work to Lebanon.

Send us an email at [email protected] and we will connect you with our partners there.

Additionally, we have listed below two freelance marketplaces we are partnering with. Make sure you let us know of any hiring decision you make 

  • Jobs For Lebanon (https://www.jobsforlebanon.com/): A Lebanese initiative aimed at encouraging Lebanese abroad and in Lebanon to hire qualified talent in the country. In just 3 months since inception, the Lebanese diaspora published 471 jobs on Jobs for Lebanon, 4800 candidates applied, and between 50 to 100 of them are now employed, and thousands more are in active hiring processes.
  • Handiss (https://www.handiss.com/page/home/): Handiss is a freelance and contract hiring platform made for engineering and architecture, where companies work remotely with vetted and highly qualified professionals.