LebNet Ignite Startups

LebNet has identified the startups below through a specific selection process, in close collaboration with its partners in Lebanon. Read more in Mentorship program.

Mentorship Program Startups

As the founder of a start up you can benefit from our mentoring in many different ways. A mentor is that one person who can guide you, help you, take you under his or her wing, and nurture your business quest. What separates a mentor from the average network contact is long-term commitment and a deep-seated investment in your startup future.


I found it amazing how much members are willing and want to help, and they have been super accessible, and we’ve tackled some big questions like warehousing, supply chain, shipping, quality and manufacturing. It was very helpful, and I know I have a board of advisers to report to with my progress and reach out whenever I need anything.Hind Hobeika - Instabeat