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LebNet is a North America based non-profit organization launched in 1999 in Silicon Valley, California. This Diaspora network was started by a handful of like-minded professionals sharing a country of origin and seeking to professionally leverage that affinity. These interactions were held over dinner meetings in a loosely held organizational fashion and little by little, that group grew in numbers until such time when more structure was necessary, and in August 2010 LebNet was registered in the US as a 501c3 non-profit organization focusing on education and mentoring (all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law). Today it includes around 1,200 members and continues to be anchored in networking among members and volunteer work in support of young professionals and Lebanese Entrepreneurs .

LebNet is open to all Lebanese professionals in a broad technology eco-system, residing in the US or Canada, and currently includes people from Fortune 500, Venture Capital, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, & Academia.

LebNet is solely focused on professional matters and related social issues.

LebNet does NOT promote or allow any discussions around politics, religion, or ethnicity.