August 20, 2020

The Beirut Emergency Fund allocates the first $2 million to hospitals, shelters, medical support and reconstruction

Lebanese diaspora organizations allocate $2 million Dollars in the first round, to hospitals, medical support, shelters and reconstruction in the wake of the devastating and deadline Beirut explosion. 

The Beirut Emergency Fund 2020 coalition formed by US-based non profit SEAL, non-profit organization LIFE, LebNet, Jamhour Alumni (US/Europe) and the non-governmental, US-based Kuwait-America Foundation announced on August 18, 2020 that it will disburse the first batch of $2.0 million, which was raised by the Beirut Emergency Fund, to hospitals, medical aid, shelters and reconstruction in Lebanon, following the horrific explosion in the Port of Beirut. 

To date, the Beirut Emergency Fund has raised over $5 million in response to the August 4, 2020, explosion in Beirut that killed so far 170 people, injured more than six thousand, caused total material and infrastructural damage to the majority of Beirut, and left more than a quarter of a million people homeless. This devastating tragedy exacerbates the humanitarian and economic challenges already facing the impoverished nation. 

Transparency and accountability ensure that every dollar raised by the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020 goes directly to those in need. 

The first round of disbursement, totaling $2.0 million, has been allocated to the following organizations: 

  • Hospitals: St George, Geitawi, Hotel Dieu 
  • Medical Support: Lebanese Red Cross, Arcenciel, Lebanon Needs 
  • Shelter and Reconstruction: AlGhina , Beit El Baraka, Nusaned, Offre Joie 

The Funds and the Needs

The Beirut Emergency Fund is focused on supporting non-profit, non-governmental organizations that are working to meet the humanitarian needs among vulnerable populations impacted by this tragic disaster. These include shelter, food, medical supplies, physical and mental health, as well as mitigating any environmental damage. 

The partners in Beirut Emergency Fund: SEAL USA, LIFE, LebNet, Jamhour Alumni (US/Europe) and the Kuwait-America Foundation are responding rapidly and effectively, using contributions to the Beirut Emergency Fund to address these core issues, while constantly assessing current and emergent needs. 

This is a time of uncertainty for all Lebanese. We are truly grateful for all our generous donors and dedicated partners on the ground, who are doing the work to help save lives. We are stronger together. 

For tax deductible donations, please visit the fund’s page here: 

For any inquiry, please email us at [email protected]